Improve your musical setup with a jitterfree masterclock and get rid of sloppy timing.

Connect MIDI, DIN Sync and modular instruments and easily control the global tempo in a range from 40-300 BPM with on-the-fly resync functionality.

Improve your sync

The midiclock generates incredibly accurate MIDI Clock messages, DIN Sync & Analogue clock pulses in a range from 40-300 BPM with a jitter of max. 500ns. Improve your musical setup now by removing clock jitter and get rid of sloppy timing.

MIDI, DIN sync & Modular

Two DIN output sockets connect to your gear. Each of them can be configured individually to MIDI Clock or either DIN Sync (sync24) or Analogue clock (8ppq). Clock signals can be distributed to numerous slaves by using MIDI Thru boxes, DIN Sync hubs and modular multiples.

‚Normal‘ and ‚Live‘ mode

During playback, the midiclock is always able to resync all MIDI Clock gear on the next downbeat of a 4/4 time signature. If one of your slaves gets out of sync by any reason, just push the resync button and everything is aligned again on the next downbeat without stopping your performance.


Precise Master Clock

Each of the two output channels can be configured on the back of the device to send MIDI Clock and either DIN Sync (sync24) or Analogue clock (8ppq). The clock signals generated by the midiclock have a jitter of max. 500ns, which is up to 50.000 times more accurate than a MIDI Clock signal from a computer.

Large Display + USB Power

During operation, a large and bright display shows the current tempo, which can be changed easily with a rotary encoder. The unit is powered by any universal USB charger or from a computer in your setup.

Quick Tempo Changes

You can quickly change the tempo in two operating modes: While using ‘Live’ mode, the BPM change immediately by turning the knob. You can use this mode if you want to make smooth tempo changes in your performances and are aware, that every turn of the knob changes the BPM. In the ‘Normal’ mode, the changed value must be confirmed with a single click of the encoder. This mode is perfect if you want to set your tempo once and simply need a stable clock signal. Accidental turning of the knob doesn’t affect your BPM.

In practice, the midiclock worked extremely well. (…) And the resync function sets the clock deviated devices quickly back to the right path.

Our measurements showed without any doubt that the midiclock can improve the timing of a setup to a great extent.

Technical Data

• 2 x MIDI and DIN or Modular
• 1 x USB (power only)
• Dimensions (LxWxH, with knobs): 95 x 62 x 48 mm
• Weight: 235 g
• 40-300 BPM
• MIDI Start/Stop/Continue functionality
• Resync function on the next downbeat of a 4/4 time
• ±500ns jitter on the output signals