One size fits all

E-RM Erfindungsbüro brightside wooden side ends fit all Elektron Music Machines from the newer generation. That means:

 • Octatrack
 • Analog Rytm
 • Analog Four
 • Machinedrum MK II
 • Monomachine MK II

brightside - steep angle

Tool free assembly

Simply screw the four stainless steel pins into the rack holes on the side of the chassis. From now on, you can slip the side ends on and off.

E-RM Erfindungsbüro brightside holds itself tightly to the machine and can easily be attached and removed on the road.

No missing screwdriver on stage, no extra space needed while traveling.

brightside - studio shot 1

Two positions

You can mount your pair of brightside side ends in two different ways.

One position raises your machine to a smaller angle, the other one is steeper.

In both cases your Elektron Music Machine sits solidly on the table and accepts even the hardest button presses without tilt.

This allows you to adapt the studio or stage situation every time you set your gear up.

brightside studio shot 2