Find answers to frequently asked questions here, either about midiclock⁺ or brightside


Which gear/DAWs are supported by the midiclock⁺?
Generally saying, everything is supported which can be set up as a MIDI Clock Slave, has a DIN Sync input or syncs to Analog clock pulses.
That means sequencers, drum machines, (guitar) effect pedals, samplers, arpeggiators, modular synthesizers or DAW and DJ software.

Some examples of compatible software are Live, Reason, Traktor and Maschine. Cubase, Reaper, Bitwig and Logic do currently not support the MIDI Clock protocol.

In all cases, see the respective manuals on how to set everything up.
What are the best settings to achieve stable sync on a DAW?
Here is a random list of things to take care of to achieve stable sync on a DAW:

 • RTFM. Check chapter 04 in the manual of the midiclock⁺ and of your respective software for hints on synchronisation.
 • Use quality MIDI and audio hardware to get the signals in your DAW. Don't be surprised if your cheap fully integrated MIDI-USB cable doesn't do the job.
 • Use the latest version of your DAW software. There are enormous improvements especialy with Live for software versions after 8.2.5 and again with Live 9.
 • Set your audio buffer sizes as low as possible.
 • Take care of moderate load. If your CPU or RAM is running out of capacity there is no time for the software to take care of MIDI.
 • Turn off WLAN and bluetooth. Both cause excessive interrups to the system and spoil your synchronisation.

What is the BPM range of the midiclock⁺?
The tempo range of the midiclock⁺ is 40-300 BPM.
What kind of power supply can I use with the midiclock⁺?
You can use any kind of USB wall wart like the ones you use to charge a smartphone to power your midiclock⁺. The voltage mustn't exceed 7 V and it should at least have a supply current of 75 mA.
Can I use the USB port of the midiclock⁺ to sync a computer?
No. The USB port is only used to power the device.


What are the exact angles in which I can set my Elektron machine up?
You can set up your machine in a smaller angle of 26 degree or in a steeper angle of 64 degree.
How much space does a machine with brightside attached take up on my table?
26 degree: W370mmxD178mmxH115mm
64 degree: W370mmxD115mmxH178mm
Do the original Elektron dust covers still fit my machine?
Yep, the dust covers perfecly fit you machine with the brightside attached.
What can I do if the threads in my Elektron machine are covered with powder coating paint?
In very rare cases, the threads in the body of your Elektron machine are coverd with an excess layer of powder coating paint.

All currently delivered units of the brightside either have a self-tapping screw or equivalently designed bolts in the box. That removes excess paint while screwing in and results in a clean thread.

If you have one of the very first units of the brightside and face difficulties with assembly, drop us a line and we'll send you help.
How can I get a new stainless steel bolt if I lost one?
If you lost one of your bolts, just write us a message - we can get you a new one.
Why doesn't brightside also fit the Machinedrum/Monomachine MKI?
Machinedrum/Monomachine MKI are the first machines in Elektrons desktop machine form factor and the case is 14mm higher then the latter.