This was E-RM

Everything will eventually come to an end. After 10 years it is time for E-RM.

But closing a company is a process. And of course our products live on. Thousands of you are entrusting them every day in professional studio life and personal music making for good reason.

We continue to provide support throughout 2023 on the E-RM website. You can reach us at Repairs and spare parts are also taken care of, just get in touch with your dealer or us directly if you are in need.

The multiclock will be continued by Sebastian Preller and Jan Zimmermann, who recently founded Floatingpoint Instruments (link). Sebastian is an original co-inventor of the multiclock and the new team will produce the product based on original plans. They will also answer your multiclock support questions from Jan 2023 onwards.

Please find our official statement below.

Dear Reader,

We will close business on December 31st 2022 after 10 years of operation.

We would like to thank everyone who worked with us and supported the company: our customers and partners for the creative output, trust and belief in our vision, our dealers and distributors for making our products available all around the world and our suppliers for sharing their valuable experience at all times.

We hope that we have made your life easier and more inspired, like you made it for us. We learned a lot from all of you.

We are closing, but we are not gone. Maybe some product will pop up reborn somewhere else – or new stuff will come up. For sure, the ending of E-RM opens a space to start new endeavors.

Have fun!

Mitja, Philipp, Gal & Max,
the team of E-RM