• modular whip

    Flexible connectivity.

E-RM modular whip with shadow

 Adapt Outputs

This accessory makes sync signals from DIN Sync outputs available on two 1/8” jacks for the use on Modular Systems and vintage Analogue Gear. It uses the same pins as the DIN Sync (sync24) standard.

 E-RM clock features

E-RM clocks can be configured with internal clock dividers to send more meaningful sync signals for your sequencers.
  • Technical Data

    • 1x 5-pin DIN Connector
    • 2x 3.5mm (1/8”) Jack Socket

    • Reset / Start marked Red
    • V-TRIG / Voltage-Trigger Output

    • Output Level on E-RM Clocks: 5V
    • Length: approx. 150mm