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multiclock - manual


The multiclock manual is only available in English for now. It gives you advice on synchronisation, technical details and tips'n'tricks.


midiclock - manual


The midiclock manual is available in three languages. It gives you advice on synchronisation with MIDI clock signals and technical details about the product.

Deutsch / English / Francais

brightside - manual


There is not much to explain here. If you nevertheless need the content of the manual paper card in your box for any purpose, find it here.



Multiclock Plugin

Please find the Audio Sync plugin for your multiclock here:

v1.0.5: Mac OS X (>=10.7)
v1.0.4: Windows

Legacy Versions
Source code v1.0.0

Multiclock System Software

Please find the latest system software for your multiclock here:

Version 1.0.6

Multiclock Sync Sample

Please find the sync sample to generate your own sync tracks here:

Click Sample



BEAT 07/13

"In practice, the midiclock worked extremely well. (...) And the resync function sets the clock deviated devices quickly back to the right path."

Download review (pdf, German)

Review Keyboards Magazine


"Our measurements showed without any doubt that the midiclock can improve the timing of a setup to a great extent."

Download review (pdf, German)


Interview FAZE Magazine

FAZE 06/13

"The midiclock is manufactured in Berlin in cooperation with local suppliers.
Each unit is actually still handmade."

Download interview (pdf, German)


multiclock - press picture bundle

Multiclock Picture Kit

Pictures of the multiclock for magazines and webshops and You.


midiclock⁺ - press picture bundle

Midiclock⁺ Picture Kit

Pictures of the midiclock⁺ for magazines and webshops and You.


brightside - press picture bundle

Brightside Picture Kit

Pictures of the brightside for magazines and webshops and You.



E-RM paper - jitter report

What about Jitter?

We compiled our research about the impact of clock jitter on MIDI syncable DAWs into a technical report. Learn how the midiclock⁺ makes your performance feel much tighter!

Download report

E-RM paper - din sync report

How to implement DIN Sync?

The implementation of a DIN Sync/sync24 master with Stop/Continue contains a few pitfalls. Read our report about the implementation in the midiclock⁺ if you want to know how it goes.

Download report


Multiclock Plugin Archive

v1.0.1: Mac OS X (>=10.7) / Windows
v1.0.0: Mac OS X (>=10.6) / Windows

Multiclock Plugin Source

As the multiclock plugin is based on the wonderful open source JUCE framework, you can find the sourcecode for your own purposes here.

Download Sourcecode